Monday, 15 December 2014

Panto Pandemonium by Saskia

On Tuesday 11th of December, a play called Panto pandemonium, was performed. The parents were woken up by the sound of the children, in Ks2, first song “welcome.” Near the end of the first song the four children, Arran, Izabella (Izzy), Harry and Sumayya, walked on confidently. 

It took a lot of courage and confidence to walk onto the stage and either sing or talk; they were amazing actors and they had fabulous singing voices. Imaan, the good fairy in the play, was good at acting and had and amazing singing voice.  

Nafisa and Rowa, Boo and Hiss, helped the audience participate in the performance by making them boo and hiss; they made us sing a song called Panto pandemonium.
The wicked witch, Maria, was despicable and tried to rule Pantoland with her servants Spotty and Grotty, Leighton and Jack.

The songs were full of joy and you could tell the cast enjoyed acting and singing. Even the kids who didn’t have a speaking part enjoyed it.In the end the stories went back to normal andthe witch, with her slaves, turned good. We ended with a song called “goodbye” which was the same tune as “welcome.”

Moo, the front half of the cow, and tail, the back half of the cow, finally found each other :) 

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