Wednesday, 30 September 2015

I can use fronted adverbial phrases. (how, when, where) I can use commas to punctuate clauses accurately. I can use MAPOS.

Can you modify the sentences?

We built the ‘Dragon’ longship.

There were not many sheep around to make our sail.

The sail will make my vessel travel faster.

I have recruited a highly qualified navigator.

I found our crew a beserker.

We will set sail.

We will take the direct route across the sea.


  1. In the settlement of Strandebarm, I have found a strong fierce warrior who is known as a 'beserker'. Ali

  2. Before sunset, with my crew, we will take the direct route across the sea. Papula

  3. On my terrifying journey, my magnificent smooth sail will make my astonishing gigantic vessel travel like the light. Hamza

  4. At dusk tonight, when the moon's face shines and the wind blows and the wolves howl, we will set sail. Kyron + Maddy

  5. After lunch, we set off to Strandebarm and built my crew's magnificent longship. Kian

  6. After we finished our delicious food, we went to the village and made our scary ship and set of to Lindisfarn. Alisha and Hassan

  7. Before sunset, in the settlement of stranbarm, my crew got cracking with the vessel.