Monday, 19 January 2015 good are you at giving reasons?


  1. We spent a long time discussing the fourths question in Maths today. We're not quite sure whether the shape is split into quarters or not yet; some of us think yes and some of us think no. We're waiting until someone can convince us that they're right with their explanation. When someone can convince us with their reasons for saying yes or no, then we'll know for sure! Miss M

  2. Hi Year Six

    Do you focus on the number of pieces and not the size? or focus on the shape and not the size?

    Miss Wilding

  3. It was really hard to persuade each other wheter it was in quarters or not. Eventually we figuared out that they were in quarters! I am really understanding how to find equivalent fractions and how to cancel them down. It is really fun learning about fractions and i am really excited about S.A.T.S and am feeling ready! IZ.