Thursday, 12 February 2015

How do we solve these problems?


  1. we can solve these problems by doing a bus stop method and then doing the t, start with drawing the t and then timing the number by 10 for eg sample theirs 660 passengers and the coaches are 30 you have the t you write 1 = 30 at the top then do 10 = 300 then 20 = 600 and you can't put any more 300 {coaches} into the 630 passengers so you take the 20 and put it into brackets like this {20} then you take 600 away from 660 you get 60 left so you do 2 = 60 and that fits perfectly into 60 perfectly because 60-60=0 well you put that in brackets to like this {2} now you have none left over you just add the 20 and the 2 like this 20+2=22 and there's your answer and that's how you do it :)

  2. We solve these division questions by using the bus stop method. sumayya