Friday, 27 March 2015

Great persuasive writing by Leighton

Dear Nana,
                          Imagine the little cute sounds; imagine me and Kk playing with it imagine a little hamster scuttling around its cage. My lovely, sweet Nanana you have the money to buy the family a hamster.

Firstly, I adore hamsters, especially cute little chubby ones, though I have never had one. I would love you forever if you bought me a little; cute hamster and I think Kk would too.

In addition, I do lots of chores around the house such as cleaning my room and putting the washing in the washer and putting the shopping away.

Annoyingly, it will be pricey but to counter that I could have no sweets for a few weeks. Also its waste, which might be very yucky, will smell but we could just clean its cage. It will be loud but we could get used to the sound or put ear plugs in. Sadly, the dogs, which I also love, might try to eat it but we could just put it in its cage.

In summary, I adore hamsters and I do chores so if you want me and Kk to be happy, if you want another member of our family, if you want another pet then please consider my request. I eagerly await your response.
Yours sincerely Leighton (Little Legs) 

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