Friday, 3 October 2014

Viking Diary Entry One

17th February

Dear diary,
                     This morning, at the break of dawn, the chief gathered us around. After our not very pleasant meal of raw fish, we were told that our chief had an announcement. Bellowing, he announced that he has heard of an island called Lindisfarne off the East coast of England, a very small island with a monastery held on it.

“The first of you to venture to Lindisfarne, loot and plunder the monastery and not perish to return to Norway with your haul will be richly rewarded!” Anxiously looking around, I could see the excitement and disappointment on people’s faces; some people loved a good quest but other people, sometimes like myself, did not want to die on this journey.

To help us on our death’ sentence journey, the chief generously offered us a loan. This loan had to be repaid to the chief off your haul that you return with. Pondering deeply, I decided that I should not take the loan as I do not want to lose a precious piece of silver. I have heard that my fellow warriors such as Valgard and Odd have taken the loan. Idiots!

To help us on our journey, the chief offered us the choice from three settlements where we would build our longship, assemble our skilled crew and set sail. These three choices were the northern coast of Froya, the southern cost of Kaupang and the Middle East town of Stranderbaum. Due to the fact that this settlement was known for its fearless berserkers, I chose Froya.
Wow! To be the first man back with the treasure, I’m going to do everything in my power. This may be my big chance to impress the chief.

“Before we all leave this gathering I just want to warn you that if you fail you will be banished and sent into exile but if you succeed you will become a legend in Viking history. Now friends and foes, this gathering is officially over.”

Tomorrow I construct then venture and then I return to be a legend in Viking history. Now we will see what the future holds.



  1. A very detailed entry from Arran! He must have kept reading his work back to ensure it was this accurate!

    1. Can anyone think of any really powerful one, two or three word sentences they would add for effect to help Arran? Miss M

    2. Arran has wrote " I chose Froyer" I think that it could get improved by adding an adjective like far away Froyer but other than that he has done an intresting diary account.

    3. I can tell that Arran reads back in his writing because it sounds really powerful.

  2. Well done :)

  3. It sounds amazing and making the raw fish sound unpleasent is a very good idea. Imaan

  4. Its the first time I go on this blog ahmed c