Wednesday, 15 October 2014

We are ready to set sail! The next few diary Amaan

Early summer 793AD Diary (entry 2)

Dear diary,
I am ready, and have nearly built my timber dragon longship, however, I have still got to make the sail. Luckily, I have recruited a sail-maker that can make the sail faster. Unfortunately, my sail will take a period of time but, what is good about the sail is that when we set sail on the salty sea, the wind will blow and the sail will push the large ship further across the Northern Sea. As I took the loan, I can use it to get my soft, woollen sail built quicker. Because my sail-maker can’t build the sail and the boat by herself, I told her that I will hire some craftsmen with some of the loan to come and help her. After a couple of days, hopefully the craftsmen will peacefully come to Kaupang where I and my crew are waiting.
(Diary entry 3)
After a few hardworking days, my craftsmen finally have come, and they are now going to build my last few parts of the almost built longship. So, I told the craftsmen to start building my longship, but they replied and said, “First you must agree that when we get the treasure you must give a share of it to us”. After they had said that, I told them that they could have a fair bit of the treasure.                 

Diary entry 4
When I had agreed to the craftsmen, they started working very solid and swiftly on my dragon longship. But these craftsmen are not just any old and the same as anyone else because, they asked me if they could put layers on my ship so it could be stronger than the others and that was what made me happy about these craftsmen.

 All of my crew are working hard or, they are training to work hard when we arrive at Lindisfarne. I have got a cleaver sail-maker to make the sail or help to mend the smooth running ship on the way, just in case of damages on the ship plus, I have got a smart Navigator that will show us where the quickest route is to Lindisfarne. I have also got a muscular, brave Berserker that will hopefully kill most of the poor monks and nuns when we have completely built the vessel.      


  1. I think that Amaan will get nearly everything ticked in his wish list. :-)

  2. I think that Amaan will get nearly everything ticked in his wish list.


  3. SPEECHLESS! I dont know what to say. Amaan your writings amazing and I think you will achieve everything on the wishlist.
    Imaan z

  4. FABULOUS! A nice piece of writing Amaan I think you have achieved everything on the wishlist because you have included historical vocabulary, speech, descriptive words and correct punctuation throughout. Good luck.